Hunt County Solar Farm Annoucement

Yellow Star Power Ltd Co is proud to announce our Hunt County Solar Farm project. This project will demonstrate and research Solar Power potential in North Texas Area. We will be building a small 60 kW solar Farm, that can power up to 10 medium sized homes.

This project will use renewable solar power in order to reduce air pollution from greenhouse gases emitted from coal or natural gas power plants. Yellow Star Power Ltd Co will be pursuing a crowdfunding campaign in order to raise money for this project. This allow the community to be part of project and help produce clean green energy without a high entry cost. Small contribution as low as $10 will allow participation in the project. This will especially allow people living in rental home or those unable to spend thousand to to make their own solar power system.

The solar farm will be located in a rural area, 8 miles north of Greenville in Hunt County, Texas. The project will be built in order to avoid minimal impact to the neighbors and environment. The project will benefit the community by allowing more renewable energy being used by the people connected to the electric grid.

Hunt County Solar Farm

For more information, questions and to participate in this project please visit and/or email